Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures in St. Albert

Partial dentures replace one or more of your natural teeth. Using cast chromium cobalt, titanium or other special alloys, we are able to fabricate a precision fitting partial to improve both your chewing ability and aesthetics.


Benefits of Partial Dentures

  • A partial prevents your remaining natural teeth from drifting into the spaces left from previous teeth that were extracted.
  • Improves chewing ability
  • Improves aesthetics

Lower partials may be necessary to ensure proper function of your upper denture.

We also offer temporary acrylic partials “flippers” to replace one or more teeth. Depending on your remaining teeth, your partial may be tooth, tissue or implant tissue supported. The Denturist will discuss what treatment plan is most appropriate for you.


Teeth Whitening
We offer custom tooth whitening for a faster and whiter smile than what the drug store can offer you. With custom impressions we are able to make whitening trays that fit precisely to your teeth and present you with a whiter smile within days!

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